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Painting your ceilings and walls will freshen and brighten your home.

Most stains can be fixed with paint and stain blocking technologies.

A complete painting service can also be provided.

Our experts can guide you with suggestions to transform and update your home.


Gypsum board is an extremely good method of protecting your home from fire.

Different product applications are required in different areas, to provide the protection you need in your home, as well as providing additional sound isolation benefits.

Sometimes over boarding a ceiling is the best option for refinishing. This gives double the drywall for sound and fire solutions and a new clean ceiling.


Before you invest in making your ceilings beautiful again, you may want to consider topping up your attic insulation. Topping up your attic with more insulation will greatly reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills.

Sound insulation and isolation can make a huge difference to your living standards and comfort.

Ask us about sound solutions. Okanagan Ceiling Refinishers can help you with that.

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