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Improve the look of your textured ceilings.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, the structure of texture gets damaged.

There are many different styles that can update and modernize your home.

Re texturing gives a consistent finish of both colour and structure.

Texture Removal

Clean house

Before we start to remove the old texture we will be taking care of your home by building a dust-free poly tent around our working area.

Most texture can be removed with a virtually dustless system. It extracts the dust right from the ceiling. Minimizing mess in the workplace.

Smooth Ceilings

Our Signature Product. Transform your home.

Whether you are thinking of updating your home or simply going for a contemporary feel throughout, smooth drywall ceilings can add a classy look to any home, a great start to any modernization project.

Our Monolithic flat painted ceiling finish is of the highest standard.

We have perfected a way of producing an incredibly flat look that is the talking point and envy of the neighbourhood.

T-bar/ suspended ceilings

T- bar and suspended ceilings are precision constructed laser installed systems that are clean and practical.

Tiles come in a variety of sizes and patterns to suit most needs.

Bulkhead construction is ideally made out of steel.

Our Vendors