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A R Drywall Ltd

A R Drywall is the parent company to Okanagan Ceiling Refinishers

We service the Okanagan Valley with a world class walls and ceiling product.

What makes us different from other drywall companies? – Our People!

We have a great team of people and when we have that, we produce excellent results and offer great service.

From our office team to our clean up crew, we are proud of what we do.

“I am very proud to have the best customer service orientated team I have ever had.”

“We are a values driven company, who care about our customers and are extremely proud of what we do.”  “I invite you to read what our customers say about us and visit our showroom to see why we are the first choice for all your drywall and ceiling projects.”  Tony Rippon, Owner/Founder

We specialize in the jobs other drywall companies don’t want to do, we have developed ways of managing small jobs and reacting to them. We are really proud of the service we provide.

Restoration and renovation work is our bread and butter. We do this well, by approaching these jobs a little differently from other production focused companies. Quiet often, our jobs, are in finished or nearly finished homes. We understand the importance of scheduling, service and cleanliness, something some of our competitors don’t. We enjoy working with our clients and giving the best possible customer service possible, something some our competitors don’t! We stick to our deadlines and our scheduling so we don’t let you down, something some of our competitors don’t.

We stand by our work and give you the best value for money. With our ceiling and restoration expertise we produce world class finishing.

Why do our clients prefer us to other companies? Because when we say its going to get done, it gets done!

When we say we will be there, we will be there!

When we say its a world class product and service. We mean it!

Other drywall projects like new construction, we find, more straight forward than our other work and we excel at that too. We offer superior finishing options that will take our finishes from good to great.

Our true passion is restoring drywall to its former glory, by servicing the disaster restoration companies and customers following floods, fires, accidents and remediation projects.

We believe our reputation, our brand, and the service we give, allows us to shine compared to our competition.

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