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Here are some examples of some larger projects completed by us recently.

FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON HOTEL – Flood damage restoration- Drywall and ceiling refinishing

TOWER RANCH GOLF CLUB CLUB HOUSE – Flood damage restoration – Drywall, kitchen ceiling tiles

KANATA HOTEL – Drywall renovation, ceiling refinishing, ceiling paint, T bar ceiling

GM BANISTER – Two phases of renovation – Showroom and offices – Service bay and parts department

DR. MALFAIR DENTAL PRACTICE –  Removal of old ceiling tiles and install of new

CREATIVE TOUCH INTERIORS – Steel framing of feature ceiling, drywall and painting

KELOWNA YACHT CLUB – Drywall renovation, ceiling tile replacement, re painting

CACTUS CLUB CAFE BANKS ROAD – Replacement of t bar ceiling in the kitchen areas

NAVIGATOR MULTIMEDIA – Ceiling painting, drywall, T bar ceiling

WHISKI-JACKS LIQUOR STORE – Replacement of T Bar Ceiling

DOCKSIDE MARINE – Drywall finishing

MERRITT SECONDARY SCHOOL – Drywall, demolition and re installation of ceiling tiles.

QUIGLEY ROAD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Ceiling refinishing to music room areas

THE COVE LAKESIDE RESORT – Soundproofing, drywall, ceiling maintenance, painting

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